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October 30, 2009

The Mayor's room


Gujo city is located in Gifu Prefecture which is in the center of Japan. And running through Gujo city, from north to south, is the pristine Nagara River. Gujo city is one thousand square kilometers in size and has 42 thousand inhabitants.Gujo City is surrounded by natural beauty. The rich culture and history are still alive in the modern day festivals and dances. Hachiman is an elegant historical town complete with it's own castle. Wara has scenic nature, pure water and fresh air. Perhaps this is why the people in Wara have long life expectancy. The explorer will find many places of interest in Gujo City, whether it be majestic nature, leisure facilities or cultural festivals. The spring season brings an invigorating breeze that blows from Hirugano and Meiho heights. The snowcapped mountains turn green with grass and trees. In summer, the Gujo and Shirotori dances fill the air with folklore music and the streets with traditional style dancing. The fisherman and campers come to the Nagara River to harvest the sweet fish and enjoy the natural beauty. In autumn the mountains radiant afresh with new colored leaves. And each town is full of people celebrating autumn festivals and traditional events. The winter brings the deep powder snow making northern Gujo City a "Mecca" for winter sports. Thanks to recent road construction, long distance day trips to the ski resorts are smooth and quick. And, of course, there are many hot spring facilities to escape winters chill and to be refreshed, both mentally and physically. Our hope is that many people from around the world can visit us in Gujo City and enjoy our rich nature and culture. This is our home and you are warmly welcome.So, please, come and visit us and have a great time. We look forward to seeing you !

Mayor , Toshiaki Hioki